New Assessment Guidance Documents Available
The MCESA Assessment Department recently added new support content to the website to assist educators who use PCG for assessment delivery. Read more.


Principal Finds Success by Implementing ‘REIL’ Change

Phoenix, AZ—Bush Elementary School Principal Lisa Norwood believes it’s time for a change in the Arizona public school system and she intends to see students at her school receive the quality education all children deserve. Read more. 


With the Right Tools, Challenges Lead to Growth

Phoenix, AZ—There’s no question that the first few years inthe classroom are difficult for new teachers. But with the right tools andguidance, one Roosevelt District teacher says the most challenging moments havealso been the most rewarding. Read more.

Peer to Peer

Posted by Corry Heinze 
"Today, as you are providing opportunities for student to student interactions ensure you are using precise academic vocabulary, instead of words like "this" or "that", to solidify students' understanding of the content.  Students will be more likely to use the correct academic vocabulary appropriately to deepen their learning. 
How will you ensure you are using explicit academic vocabulary to deepen student learning?"

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