At MCESA leadership is a collective activity that requires thought leaders; mutual inquiry; collective learning; flexibility; capacity building; and focused measurable results that will resolve the complex challenges facing our schools.


Dr. Don Covey, Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Don Covey

Dr. Don Covey is the Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools and, as such, leads the Maricopa County Education Service Agency. He is one of 12 elected Maricopa County officials. Dr. Covey, a Republican, was elected in 2008, and is serving his second four-year term.
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Ms. Kristine Morris, Chief Deputy Superintendent

Kristine Morris

Kristine Morris is the Chief Deputy Superintendent of the Maricopa County Education Service Agency. Ms. Morris informs the agency vision, leads the efforts to ensure the mission is fulfilled, and directs the day to day operations at MCESA. Ms. Morris leads all teams at MCESA, ensuring the creation of highly effective products while delivering the highest level of service.

Dynamic Leadership Teams

Economic Management

Marc Kuffner leads the Economic Management team that provides a suite of financial and technical services to school districts such as grants management, school financial consulting, working cooperatively with school districts in determining local property tax rates and information technology training and consulting. Contact Marc Kuffner

Education Innovation

Dr. Lori Shough leads the Education Innovation team. Education Innovations is comprised of education leaders and experts in the areas of Common Core, STEM, assessment, and professional development. The team provides targeted support to teachers, school leaders, and instructional coaches through a variety of differentiated support options. Contact Lori Shough

Human Capital Management Systems 

Dr. Lori Renfro leads the Human Capital Management Systems team. This team is comprised of two separate, yet related programs funded through Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grants sponsored by the United States Department of Education. Human Capital Management is focused on recruiting, retaining, placing, and sustaining highly effective educators in our schools. Contact Lori Renfro

Learning & Communications Systems

Laurie King leads the Communication & Learning Systems team. The team develops agency marketing materials, communication systems and customer engagement opportunities through the innovative uses of technology. Contact Laurie King

Constituent Services

Veronica Brawner leads the Constituent Services team, which makes the MCESA experience an exceptional experience. The Constituent Services team is comprised of experts in the areas of School Governing Board Elections, Private and Homeschooling, as well as all things related to the MCESA events, facilities and scheduling. Contact Veronica Brawner

Research & Evaluation 

Dr. Wesley Pak leads the Research & Evaluation team. The Research & Evaluation team is charged with reviewing research and data in order to inform instructional programming and practice. Contact Wesley Pak