Assessment Development


Collaboratively developing valid and reliable classroom assessments for non-tested subject areas.

A Closer Look At Assessments

Item Specifications, Blueprints and Sample Items

Item specifications, blueprints, and sample items define and demonstrate the content on each test. are available by registering with MCESA. Registration is free and simple. Download this guide for support.

Annual Membership and Purchase Plan Guide  Sample Item Specification

Annual Membership and Purchase Plan Guide  Sample Blueprint

Professional development on how to read and use these materials is available. More

Testing Support Materials

These materials and training resources are available for school districts participating in field testing or operational use of the MCESA Content Specific Assessments.

Download  Test Administration Manual - Paper Administration

Download Test Administration Manual - On-line Administration

Download Checklist for Implementation - On-line Administration

Download Student Instructions for Taking On-line Test



Performance Assessments
MCESA is in the process of finalizing performance assessments for art, music, PE, theater and dance that have been in development for two years.  Check back in November for more information about how to order and receive these assessments.

Multiple Choice Assessments
MCESA has completed the development of pre- and post-assessments for 18 courses in the fine arts, physical education, and social studies.  If you have submitted an order form, assessments will be delivered through secure FTP.  If you have not submitted an order form, they are available in the Membership Purchase Plans section above.

Assessment Professional Development: Assessment Use Series

MCESA offers webcasts and face-to-face workshops designed to support teachers and administrators with the assessment development or implementation process. More 

Performance Assessments

Test Administration Manual for MCESA Assessments

Security Webcast

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