School District Information

Locate information on school districts and individual schools in Maricopa County.

Locating a School District

The easiest way to find the name of the school district(s) you reside in is to visit the Maricopa County Recorder's website. Once there, check the School Districts box under the Map Layers list on the far left side of the page. Click Tools in the upper right hand corner, then choose Find an Address (House Icon) once the toolbar appears. A box will appear in the lower right hand corner; input the address you're interested in and click the Search button. The address will appear on the map indicating your local school district as well as in the address input box.

Maricopa County School Districts

Maricopa County is home to 58 schools districts which serve over 700,000 students. School districts are classified as elementary districts (kindergarten- 8th grade), union high school districts (9-12th grades), and unified school districts (kindergarten through 12th grade). View Maricopa County School Districts

Maricopa County Schools

Maricopa County is home to 733 traditional public (non-charter) schools. View Maricopa County Schools

Maricopa County School District Calendars

Download the school 2015-2016 year calendar for all school districts in Maricopa County.