Developing rigorous Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) instructional programming in order to increase the number of Maricopa County students that pursue STEM courses and careers. 


Engineering STEM Identity

Engineering STEM Identity is a three-year, three million dollar Investing in Innovation (i3) grant awarded to MCESA by the U.S. Department of Education.

Through Engineering STEM Identity, approximately 2,300 students in ten rural and urban school districts will be immersed in STEM cultures to explicitly build STEM identities and positively influence their persistence in STEM. Through these authentic learning experiences that give students opportunities to envision themselves as “STEM learners and workers”, research has shown that students are far more likely to pursue future STEM careers. More

STEM Pro Live!

Every month MCESA broadcasts a STEM Role Model live from his or her innovative workplace.They tell their stories about how they got into the field, what courses they took and what is so amazing about their work. They show off their workplace and then take live questions from students watching from their classrooms. More

STEM Role Models

Students decide whether or not they would like to pursue a STEM career by the end of eighth grade. By supporting students in building a STEM identity, they are more likely to see themselves as persisting in STEM and striving to become a STEM professional. A crucial component to student STEM identity development is access to STEM professionals as role models. More

STEM Immersion Guide

The STEM Immersion Guide is a comprehensive framework for Arizona schools and districts to integrate STEM education. The Guide:
  • Contains key design elements that support the development of project-based, interdisciplinary STEM instruction
  • Provides practical tools and information to assist teachers, administrators, schools and districts that want to improve student outcomes by integrating STEM
  • Was developed by the Arizona STEM Network in collaboration with the Maricopa County Education Association and was recently updated for an improved user experience

Contact STEM and Standards Director, Darcy Moody  | 602-506.6520 
Contact the Engineering STEM Identity Project Director, Gale Beauchamp
Contact the Science Standards Professional Development Coordinator, Brian Hoffner
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