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  • Re-Engaging Disconnected Youth Summit II

    The Re-Engaging Disconnected Youth Summit II brings together business leaders, policy makers, educators, and youth serving individuals throughout Arizona. Participants will learn from re-engagement experts about what strategies have worked in other areas, both near and far, and look at how to be successful in our own initiatives. Learn more about the summit.
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  • MCESA Receives National Award for Performance-Based Compensation Program

    The National Association of Counties (NACo) granted MCESA a 2014 Achievement Award for “Rewarding Excellence in Instruction and Leadership (REIL)." REIL is a transformational performance-based management program led by MCESA in collaboration with five Maricopa County school districts, in an effort to strengthen the educator workforce resulting in improved student academic progress for 27,145 students, attending thirty-three schools in high-need districts. By rewarding excellence, as well as addressing ineffective teaching and leading, REIL has begun to institutionalize the conditions that ensure students graduate college-and-career ready, which will be critical as Arizona strives to shift to a knowledge-based economy. More
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  • MCESA Receives National Award for Assessment Development

    The National Association of Counties (NACo) granted MCESA a 2014 Achievement Award for “Assessment Development”. MCESA, in collaboration with approximately 45 school districts, and with funds from federal Teacher Incentive Fund grants, developed assessments for 18 different non-state-tested subject areas to support the collection of valid and reliable assessment data to measure student academic progress and teacher effectiveness. MCESA assessment development process is an effective example of our mission at work. More
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  • MCESA is Collecting Backpacks and School Supplies for Students and Teachers 

    One way to ensure all Maricopa County students are ready for a successful school year is to equip them with basic school supplies. MCESA has teamed up with the Maricopa County Home and Garden Show to collect donations of backpacks and school supplies at this year's show. Donate a backpack at the show and receive two free tickets. Or donate any three of the following items and receive one free ticket to the Home Show: 4-pack of glue sticks; Pack of ballpoint pens (12/box); Box of no. 2 pencils (12/box); Box of colored pencils (12/box); Box of water-based markers (8/box); Box of crayons (16/box); 4-pack of dry erase markers; Single subject spiral-bound notebook; Package of loose-leaf notebook paper; Pocket folders; or Scotch tape. Bring your donated items to MCESA’s table at Gate 2 to receive your ticket, and proceed directly to the entrance.
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