MCESA Receives International Recognition

Phoenix (March 27, 2013) - Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA)  in collaboration with the Maricopa County Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) have been named a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate for innovative uses of educational technology. MCESA and OET are partnering to deliver both instruction and assessments that provide solutions to education’s toughest challenges.


This prestigious international award specifically acknowledged innovations in delivering both student instruction as well as professional development via interactive video conferencing, and delivering assessments for traditionally non tested subject areas using tablet computers.


MCESA’s Interactive Video Learning (IVL) program provides a highly qualified and highly effective teacher to geographic regions throughout Maricopa County that struggle to recruit teachers. It also empowers professional learning and collaboration opportunities for teachers who have been denied that chance due to geographic and financial limits.


MCESA is collaborating with school districts to provide valid and reliable assessments for traditionally non tested subject areas. These assessments, such as art, music, and physical education, are costly to print and distribute. By providing the assessments electronically, students are able to access high resolution material in a timely manner, and teachers are able to access the assessment results immediately. To view a video highlighting this work, visit


The Computerworld Honors Program brings together the men, women, organizations and institutions around the world whose visionary applications of information technology promote positive social, economic and educational change. The IVL and Electronic Assessments project was chosen from more than 700 nominations. The team will be recognized for this outstanding achievement in Washington, D.C. in June.