Board of Supervisors Unanimously Approves IGA with the Wickenburg Unified School District

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors June 19th voted unanimously to approve an intergovernmental  agreement with the Wickenburg Unified School District  to  provide teachers and school leaders in the school district  with professional development to implement Arizona’s Common Core Standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics.

The Maricopa County Education Service Agency (MCESA), using funding provided through the Race to the Top Grant, has formed a consortium that supports districts and charter schools with the development of high-quality and effective ELA and Mathematics resources. “The Race to the Top Consortium is designed to assist schools with implementing the actions that have been prioritized by the State as part of the Race to the Top Grant,” said Dr. Lori Shough, MCESA Assistant Superintendent. Over the next three years, MCESA and Wickenburg will work to ensure that teachers and leaders receive the professional development and resources that will help prepare youth for college and/or careers.

“This is a great opportunity for Maricopa County and the Wickenburg Unified School District to work together to fully Implement the Arizona ELA and Math Common Core Standards,” said District 4 Supervisor Clint Hickman.  “Partnerships like this leverage resources and expertise,  and emphasize the type of collaboration I hope to build with other organizations in my district.”

According to WUSD’s Superintendent Dr. Howard Carlson, “Teachers need training in the structure, content demands and progressions, depth of knowledge, and instructional pedagogy shifts. Principals need the same training with additional support for leading implementation of Arizona’s Common Core Standards. Our participation in the MCESA RTT consortium will help us meet those needs.”